Sounds are always there, deep inside each heart.

~I'm on the journey of discovering myself and the path i'm looking forward~

Details about Me

                            1. Name
                                 I'm Sherlyn.

                            2. Location
                                 I'm living in somewhere on the earth.
                           3. My life's objective
                                 Still in the progress of exploring.

                           4. Career
                                 I'm still a student of Biomedical Science in the National University of    

                           5. Things i want the MOST

                           6. Things i enjoy
                                 Anything as long as I'm in a good mood.
                           7. Things i do always
                                 Sleeping and Dreaming, Looking at pretty girls (I'm NOT a Lesbian!!)

                           8. Words that describe me
                                  Dreamy, Unrealistic, Hesitate as always, thinks A lot, being mean when I'm                         
                                  being pissed off.

                           9. My wishes
                                  Learning to appreciate what i have in this world.