Saturday, May 17, 2014

Short Update: Escape to Hua Hin, Thailand [Part 1]

Hua Hin would be a nice place to you, if you wish to get some fresh air out of the buzzing city AND if you could bear the heat. It is such a lovely town. But, the WEATHER is killing me!

It is 2.5 hours away from Bangkok. So, boyfie booked a driver who took us around Hua Hin for a whole day.  Our first stop - Khao Wang (Palace Hill). It used to be the holiday palace for King Rama the IV.
Spent 200THB to get on the cable car to reach the hill.

Great view with the old ancient palace, flowers & unique architectural buildings.

The King Palace. Short pants are not allowed for ladies who ever goes in. But no worry, they sell the 'sarong' (I dunno what it's called) at the counter for those to cover up.

Ended the visit and headed to Hua Hin Cha-Am, Santorini Park then. Still, the weather is hot enough till I felt as though I was being baked in the oven.

50THB entrance ticket for the amusement park where food, shopping,fun & art are integrated.


Too bad.....Didn't had the chance to go in the 3D art museum. 

The Greek style design gives a small picture of the Santorini with the details from classic whitewashed buildings, colourful painted windows, creative street art and stone-paved paths. It's nice walking around in the park. I really enjoy hanging in the those park with theme or classic design. We were supposed to head for 'The Venezia' & Sheep Farm, the places famous with European architecture and landscape. But, since both of us cannot bear the heat anymore, we choose to go back the hotel & rest. Too baddddd....

Shall continue spamming photos here later.....