Monday, January 20, 2014

Returning to Where I Started

I'm back! No, its because my domain has expired. N I don't want to ask for renewal for being inactive. Plus, the fact that I'm not staying in the city anymore. No more event attending. So, I don't wish to have a blog under controlled. Feel so happy to write with blogger again. This is where I familiar...well, at least better than wordpress. Seriously, i spent a lot of time figuring out how it works (Blog layout n design i meant). Not like those in blogger. They are tricky n harder, for me who knows nothing for website designing.

But then, i lost all the post I published on Luckily, I still have some backup and get to repost up here. Ta-Da. LOL!

Btw, Happy 2014 (Belated...i guess). CNY is coming soon. The festives are a bit rush up this year. Christmas, New year, Thaipussum and then CNY. A lot of holidays in January. Good for collars. Bad news will be no public holiday for the rest of the months, from Feb to June or July.  How sad.....

Speaking of what's new/something i did in this year...I finally chopped off my hair, which i always wanted it to be long. Blahh....It might not something special, but at least for me. I'm willing to let go and try out something new.

 N i had them dyed in Ash brown. Something new to begin with. 

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