Saturday, February 16, 2013

Chinese New Year 2013

Happy Chinese New Year, everyone! I did mentioned that i am shifting to my new site. But since it is not ready, especially the design, i’ll update my post here temporary. So, back to the topic. It’s CNY. These days do trigger ppl's mood up a little. Yet, if you're anything like me, though, this pleasure should conveniently fade away sometime around the 4rd or 5th day. My CNY was same as others, began with countless visitations and reunion.
Snaps before hanging out~

With my sister beside. It's such an coincident for us to dress in mustard yellow on the same day~


The women in my family~


These are the reason i love CNY~ Mom's homemade cookies and snacks. Also, not to be missed, steamboat for family reunion dinner! It's all about food and eating around and ppl tend to put on their weight after CNY.


This is not even the half~


Lion dance in front of my grandma’s house~
It’s my family and relatives’ tradition for having vacation at the beach every year. Same hotel, same beach this year on the 5th day of CNY- Bayview Beach Resort at Batu Ferringhi Beach.


The pool was a bit crowded than usual~ I won’t always jump in the pool (dislike the chlorine-treated water that made my hair feel weird). N i used to ask my mom why are we kept coming here, its boring…. “I don’t have to worry about the households. All i have to do is siting on my back, relax n enjoy myself here’, she said…It’s understandable lar…Mom and dad have been busy for non-stop every year. They deserve to have a break~

Brothers who were fooling around in the pool… Laughing out loud


Got myself walking along the beach and managed to get a few shots in the windy weather. I’m sharing some of them here~ I personally love the first shot below, izzit nice?


This year Valentine day falls on the 5th day of CNY. On the same day, I’m finally meeting my friends whom i haven’t see for almost a year- Winnie, ShuYing m RuoQi! Had been spending my Valentine day with them 2 years in a row~

Gotta miss them when some of them head back to Singapore soon. Sad smile

I always feel lucky for being a Chinese as our CNY lasts for 15 days a year. Sounds stupid for this reason, rite? I was looking forward for this year CNY. But ended up, i found myself not very excited about it when it’d really came. Too lazy to move around, i guess….I prefer plonking myself down in front of TV instead…My holidays end tomorrow and will be headed back to the bustling city again…Nitez, world!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Blu Med Ristorante E Bar

Last week, I have attended the food tasting preview in the soon-to-be-opened Blu Med Ristorante E Bar. A thousand thanks & appreciation for this invite as I have the chance for my very first food tasting experience.

Meet Diana~The lovely charming girl~ We have so much to chat. It's kinda hard to belief that we just know each other few months ago.

A little informations for you-Blu Med, the fine dining restaurant serves Italian cuisine. It is a 2-level premises located in the boulevard of Mid Valley Mall. As you can see, the restaurant is still under construction and expects to open at the end of the month (Subject to changes).

The guests were served with the creations by chef Yasuhiro Sasajima. FYI, Yasuhiro Sasajima is a famous japanese celebrity chef that possess passion for Italian food. And here's the good news--He is producing and consulting on the menu here at Blu Med, for you to experience & enjoy the unique style of Italian cuisine that is so popular across the world.
For those who are hungry now----If to be continue reading, Pls BEWARE of the oversecretion of saliva from your glands.
TADAAA!! Introducing to you the Buffalo Mozzarella and Plum Tomato "Caprese".

 If you're a fan of tomato and mozzarella, this is definitely a must for you. Even me--The one that do not eat tomatoes freshly, am obsessed with this dish~ The tomatoes taste different from usual ones. All i can say, they are so tasty and special!

The second dish of the day-
Carpaccio of Hirame with Wild Rice and Soft Aubergine.

Erm...What should i say about this? The Hirame...yes...I love them; The wild's kinda "grainy"...i had never try this in my life before...and they are kinda unique for me. Maybe, you can have a try on them.

Spaghetti Tomato Sauce with Sea Bass and Grilled Vegetables.

Pasta! My all time favourite. 

Dessert of that night, Espresso Pannacotta.

Luv it!! Diana and I think that this panna cotta taste even better togerther with the milk cream.
I was surrounded by nice people besides of nice food that night. Meet this pretty girl, Rice Hing. and she was one of the Miss Universe Malaysia 2013 Finalists!

Jessica, Shinyee, ehem..pardon me, and Diana~

Lastly, a group photo before ending this~(Photo credit: Adverlets)
Although the facilities at Blu Med are limited at that moment, they managed to serve us with a simplified, yet awesome dining. It's such a great night. I was suppose to be felt moody for the whole day (Thanks to all the research stuffs, n i HATE research!!). Luckily, these food had the so-called 'de-stress' effect for me. Perhaps, i should start eating whenever i feel stress next time~hmm....