Monday, January 28, 2013

Moving to

Bonjour! I feel blessed as i am having my own domain now. First, a very huge appreciation and thank you from me for those who read my posts. Your visit means a lot to me, Thank you! As you can see in the title, i am moving to a new website:

I know im not very good in those writing stuffs. Still a long way to go.... But i promise i will do my best to improve and make it worth for you to read. As I'm joining Adverlets, more excitements are awaiting me to explore. So, please bear with me, k? Feel free to drop by my new website and comment. See you there!


Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Get Yourself Up to 6K Cash & Prizes From NIVEA Malaysia

Having no idea about the new NIVEA Pure & Natural range? If you got to read my previous post, you will definitely have some clues about it. I'm sure there might be some of you doubt it (maybe :$)--"Maybe she is  just exaggerating"..."It is good for you, but might not for me"..."Seriously?! I don't think so.."...Blah..blah...blah...Everyone's skin condition differs from each other. No matter how effective it is for me, it might not work as the same for you. (Never try never know*winks*)

Thinking to have them for a try? Would it be a waste of money if they don't works on you? hmm.....
Here's the good news! You can stand a chance to win the grand cash prize and NIVEA Pure & Natural products.

~Introducing to you the NIVEA Pure & Natural Cover Photo Contest~

Something for you to excite for~~~

Your support is IMPORTANT for them. The more fans they got, the more attractive the prize will be, and the more happier you are....*If you won this* LOL! 

It's easy to enter the contest.
(Before that, do 'Like'  NIVEA Malaysia Facebook Page to access the app.)

                         Get yourself a RM3 voucher upon liking their page (RM6 if you're joining)

Click Here to enter the NIVEA Pure & Natural Cover Photo Contest. (P.S. also to redeem your voucher.)

Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Select a cover photo template.

Step 2: Select and insert your photo. 

Step 3: Crop your photo

  Step 4: Customize your photo.

Add in the ingredients (of the product). If you don't wish to add them all, you might choose a few. Perhaps just those that are most important to you. There are Argon oil, Aloe Vera, Chamomile, leaf and water. Sounds unfamiliar to you? Well, here are some clues regarding to them:

Argon Oil

Aloe Vera


Drag the ingredients to where ever you want. Be Creative!

Step 5: Preview your photo before submit. You can always go back to change if you don't like it. 

Once submit, use your cover photo on your timeline page and tag 2 of your friends. You may also invite your friends and family to vote for you on gallery page.

Remember, the higher the vote, the higher the chance to be shortlisted as a winner. (Final winner based on NIVEA judges' discretion)

Upon submit, you will see this.....

Follow their instructions and tag 2 of your friends on your cover photo.

Also, you can create a Picbadge (to be used as your profile pic).

A few NIVEA Pure & Natural Picbadges are available for you to choose. 
Pick one that suit your profile pic the most----> publish---->DONE! Wait!! Not yet not yet. Don't sit back & do nothing. You can ask your friends & family to vote for you (to stand a chance to be shortlisted).

Up to RM 6k cash & prize are awaiting you!
~Hurry up! Join it before 28th Feb 2013 (11.59 pm)~

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Review - NIVEA Pure & Natural Range

My skin is always a problem for me~It is particularly picky and choosy till I'm not dare to try out something new on it sometimes. If it is just simply 'dry skin' problem, it will be easier for me~But at the same time, I'm having a sensitive skin. So, most hydrating face care products in the market seem do not suit my skin. When i first got the goodie bag at the launching of NIVEA Pure & Natural, to be honest, i felt a 50:50 chance for them to work on my skin. Yet, one of the major ingredients, Chamomile has soothing property (that's why i decided to put them on my skin).

I have been trying this new range for about 2 weeks. To my great surprise, it provides intense moisture to my skin and the most important- they do not irritate my skin. 

The NIVEA Pure & Natural range i got from the launching. 

So, let's start with the
NIVEA Pure & Natural Body Lotion

And this is my favorite among all. I seldom put on body lotion as i hate my skin to be felt greasy. But, this body lotion can be absorbed readily by skin. 

The creamy texture of the body lotion. (ehem...pardon for my hairy hand)

My skin will not be greasy and sticky at all after it is absorbed. For sure, i feel that my dry skin become softer the next day~

NIVEA Pure & Natural Face Care

Love this gentle, yet effective facial cleansing wipes. Unlike other make up removers I'm using, this is much more convenient. With just a piece of them, removal of make up and refreshing of your skin can be done all in one step~

Not much make up on that day~So, not much cosmetic remnants left on the wipes~One good thing of this wipes, it can be used on your eyes area as well~Mascara, for me is much more harder to be removed. But, I'm  quite surprised that this wipes remove mascara easily & effectively! Soft wipes done all of the jobs~However, my face become a bit reddish after using this~Just like what i've say, my face is sensitive. Even a little touch will turn it red~

NIVEA Pure & Natural Cleansing Lotion is applied after facial cleansing wipes.  


Gently massage with your fingers or cotton wool. Even though the facial cleansing wipes have done their part, this cleansing lotion again, removes make up as well~That means, a more purified skin~LOL! Oh ya, it has natural moisturizer for skin hydration and nourishment. I think this is part of the reasons my face don't look dry after I'm using this.

I saw somebody apply the cleansing toner straight after the cleansing lotion. But, i felt strange for doing this.  Thus, I apply this lotion only after I have washed my face with cleanser.

Finally, it's the turn of the product I'm excited for. Not to deny, for somehow the "Kate's effect" is part of this. Even the celebrity, Hannah Lo is amazed by the effects of this face moisturizer.

I don't feel neither oily nor greasy after applying this as it is absorbed readily. In fact, it does provide intensive moisture as the effects are so obvious. My skin remains moisture, soft and supple even after several hours from applying this. 

NIVEA Pure & Natural Deodorant

Most of us know that with the use of deodorant, after excessive sweating, there will be some creamy, whitish patches appear on your black shirt, particularly the sleeves. Now, we have NIVEA Pure & Natural Deodorant. It contains nature-identical antibacterial actives that won't clog pores for better skin breathability. Not to be forgotten also, it is black shirt friendly. So, I don't have to worry much that my favourite dark colour shirts will be abandoned once the patches appear anymore.

After all, NIVEA Pure & Natural range is suitable for sensitive skin. I'm trying not to be exaggerated, but you will definitely fall in love with its natural, calming scent. A little something for you to know~~the princess & celebrity are the firm believers of this range.

Healthy, clear skin is the best base for any sort of makeup,and the fastest way to bring out your inner princess~Nadia Heng, Miss Malysia 2012