Sunday, November 11, 2012

de Jouer Launch Party

I was tagged along by chenelle to the de Jouer launch party at The Venue, Pavillion KL in the beginning of November. I feel excited as this is my first time attending event like this~ Outside of The Venue seems to be full of ppl that night, attended by media (8TV, TV3), bloggers and so on.

Selca pic of me and Chenelle before the show starts.

Elaine Daly, the emcee of the night.

The party is so happening that night. It is crowded with people and all ppl seems to have at least one camera/phone camera in hand, getting ready for the show.

Oh before that, a little info to tell: de Jouer means 'to play' in French. It is a new intimate apparel online shopping website, offering women inner wear range from RM30-RM100 with 5 series to choose, which are Basics, beFlirty, beSeductive, OMG and TresTresChic. 

Here comes the climax of the night~The Lingerie Show
I was totally attracted by the models' pretty faces, gorgeous figures and beautiful attires in the entire show and couldn't help taking my eyes off from them.

Here are some pictures i managed to capture during the show. 

I was attracted to their Basic series bras, which are Wireless, yet they do give amazing lift! The elastic band moulded to the microfiber cup provides wear-ability and all-day-long comfort. They are unique as i rarely meet into this kind of design in the market.

Love this pic the most among all. Why? Because i like her "Booty Tooch"~LOL!

The MHB bloggers. Starting from the left: Diana, Jane, Chenelle and Karen.

Also, not to forget nice drinks and desserts are served on that night.

Love these macaroons the most! They are very delicious among those i have tried before. 
I miss them a lot and wanted to have them again so badly. LOL!

Diana and I.

With pretty Jane. She is so tall and pretty!

The gifts given from the event, including the catalogue and the cute pink bear.

A little memory from the launch. 
A few pictures printed on the spot right after the shoot. Aww.. how sweet they are~
Kindly visit their website for details:

Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Edible Bear Paw

My friends & I were heading to the newly open Bear Paw Cafe last week after we have heard of quite some good comments from other ppl. Before i've gone thr, i tot it was just a bun with bear paw print on it, maybe with some stuffing inside. Hmm, i wonder how it tastes like....Then, when we reached, thr, there is a pic of their signature food on the wall.

See the bear paw rite? Basically, they seems like modified burger, with chicken, tomatoes, lettuce & source inside.

A huge balloon bear was placed in front of the cafe.

They are originated/inspired (not sure which one) from Taiwan.

After several minutes we have reached there, more n more ppl are coming n starting a long queue ouyside. Luckily we reached there earlier...phew~

This is the reason of the long queue outside. Free things attract ppl always!

The cafe does not only sell the bear paw bun. They offer other food as well. But we just wanna have a try on their signature food, so we ignore other food listed on the menu...LOL!

The bun comes in 3 flavours. (Pork Free)


Choose one patty and then, your favourite sources. I preferred spicy chicken n it tastes good. The staff there claims that tartar source is their signature source, so we choose it in the end.

The food preparation area are partitioned by transparent glass. Ppl gather there, watching staffs that were busy crazily to prepare lots of orders there. The fried chickens are tempting!

The cute Paws!

Different flavours of buns, from the left:
Milk, Whole Wheat & Brown sugar.

Indeed, they are delicious! Love their tartar sources n spicy chicken~

Their Yakult series drinks taste unique n good. 
Should have a try on that as it provides probiotics that benefit you.

They are currently having promotion that valid until 13 Nov 2012. It is worth to have a try on it.
Their location :
 G6 Platinum Victoria 128 (PV128), Jalan Genting Klang, 53300 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.