Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Veet It Off~

I've suffered for hairy problem on my legs, and this is such a HUGE problem to me as i cant wear short pants, skirts with those hairs exposed (genetic problem). So, my Only solution is to remove them! Veet has been my choice since my first hair removal. Although i have once try the other brand, i preferred Veet as it provides better wax strips.

Veet's products come in cream form and wax.
(Picture taken from Google)

I have try for Veet® In-Shower Hair Removal Cream before. The product in cream form removes the hairs on skin surface, not the entire hair from root. The cream form is not suitable for me as my hair growth rate is so fast that i can feel the hair grow out of skin surface on the second day after i've remove them. So, i choose Veet wax product, namely Veet® EasyGrip™ Ready-to-Use Wax Strips as it leaves my skin smooth much more longer. 

I have try this product in aloe vera before. But then, i choose to have a try on Suprem Essence with velvet rose fragrance and essential oils. The strips are designed for better grip compare to those old ones. This is much more easier for me as the old designed wax strip always cause the wax to stick on my fingers when im using them. 

It comes with 18 wax strips & 4 finish wipes.

Simple procedure are illustrated on the wax strips. Oh, as a little reminder, the strips MUST be pull in the opposite direction at the angle almost to 180 degree. DON'T pull it in an angle of 90 degree, you might not pull off the entire hair root out of your skin and the hair shaft might break. So, you might not get a totally smooth skin in the end.

It's normal for your skin to have rashes after using the wax strip. It will disappear itself on the next day if your  skin are not allergic to this product. Consult the doctor immediately if any discomfort happens on you.

I love how this product works on me. It totally boosts up my confidence when im hanging out. 

Enjoying the moment without getting into embarassing situation when ppl stare at the legs.

Pictures from years ago. I already start using Veet that time~

Im using Veet everytime before outing. I love the fact that my legs are whiter, brighter and flawless after using it. I guess it will remove dead skin debris on skin along. With Veet, I can wear anything with confident. Before that, do following those steps shown in videos below:

Now, you can choose any outfit you want. Singlet, hot pants, skirts, watever. The weather is always hot in Malaysia. With Veet, you can wear those with your skin exposed and feeling chill most of the time~

Me with a singlet and skirt before. Have my singlet stucked inside the skirt before hanging out. 

Veet, one of the most best partner in my life (Im not Bluffing, i really NEED it).
Use It, Feel It & Enjoy the confidence.
Sweet Dreams~ ;-)

Friday, October 19, 2012


Hi guys! Im obssess with glee cast songs currently. I'm on the mood and im going to share those songs i like here. :) Glee is a musical American tv series. It's a story about the life of a group of 'choir' (some sort of) students in high school. Some of my friends say its story line is quite boring. Hmm....what i say is-it's not as interesting as The Vampire Diaries, but the songs they cast are pretty PRETTY NICE! If u are not into this tv series, at least listen to those songs they cast.

It has reach season 4 for now n Im totally in love to their songs, playing over and over again those my fav song the whole night.

Well, this is It, the first song--New York State of Mind

Sometimes, they combined 2 songs into 1 in a nice way.--Americano-Dance again

Rumour Has It/Someone Like You

Oops I Did It Again in a Sexified way~LOL

Give Your Heart A Break

Britney Spears' "Crazy" in duet~

Im sharing a few here...Are they nice? Hopefully u will like it~ Sweet Dreamz~ :)

Monday, October 8, 2012

A Terrible Begining of The Month

I have been through something bitter on last friday~But first, i din have any pictures to use on this post.
Everyone knows there is a lot of crimes happened in Malaysia and I never knew this will happened on me!
Here's the story~
My friends and i were heading to Pavillion for a break after a stressful, nervous week. After the dinner, we were hanging around~Then, i split up with them alone, for some shopping in Cotton On.

After i hav done on my stuff, i went straight to Chatime to meet with my friends. They were inside of the shop, sitting on an '8-person' table. And im the 9th person. Vivian lent out half of her chair for me, so my laptop bag hav to be put on somewhere else. Without thinking much, i put my bag below the table and our seat. I was enjoying chit chat with my friends and 9 of us didn't beware that there is someone actually come near to our table.

When i were to pick up my bag before leaving, i realized that my bag was GONE! GONE! My cash, phone and all kind of stuffs are inside my bag!! We started to search crazily. Then, i went to the police van 'Police Bergerak' that usually park outside pavillion main entrance to make a report on my lost IC. You know what the police say?--

"Hilang IC tak payah buat report. Terus pergi JPN sana cakap dengan mereka, dan boleh buat IC baru."
"Bukan kena buat report ke?"
"Kita dah banyak terima kes-kes macam ni, dan pihak atasan tengah mesyuarat tentang pasal ini,  kalau kes curi, IC hilang, tak payah buat report."

We were like stupidly trust on what he say. But one of my friend say that never heard this kind of thing. And luckily an informed security guard brought us to security office. I made a report thr. The inspector informed me on wat to do. And among those things, i NEED to make a REPORT at police station. See? Is the police mentioned just now a POLICE? Doesn't even know the actual procedures and giving the victim a wrong information instead!! What the Hell!!

Chatime Management gave a call for my friend (as i've lost my phone) on that night and a day after. They saw what's happening on the cctv. I'm quite satisfied with them (including Pavillion management). At least they are willing to take their responsibility to check it, and explain to me what had happened.

Feel so sucks for what had happened on me~Lost nearly all important things. October is obviously not my favourite month this year. Anyway, no matter who you are, please stay Alert all the time when u are hanging out! For the criminals, i really REALLY hope that all of u will die in a dreadful way (e.g. bitten by piranha, a bite a time; making u into a 'waxed' man like those in 'The House of Wax', then cutting down ur skin piece by piece), so you will be suffering for the torture. I cant stop imagine that--what if the thief was being caught tat day? Surely, i will take something hard (chair or stick or something else) and bang hard on his knee ankle and his SINFUL HAND!! But i still feel not enough for this!! (I'm evil, heheheh!)

Lastly, I'm appreciate for my friends that be with me and willing to lent some helpful hands. Thank you so much~