Sunday, September 30, 2012

I Found Fame 2012

Gosh! I've have left my blog for months! Im even paused for few seconds to think what to write next~

My academic thingy occupied most of my time last sem. From the end of semester to the start of internship, i had have my only, very very short moment to take a break~In the middle of the semester, I had participated an event called "I Found Fame" organized by 1st Avenue Mall in penang with Chenelle. I didn't make it in the end. But Chenelle was selected as one of the winner at first. Feel too bad for her for not able to attend the final photoshoot as she was in Europe tat time.

Here are some pictures during the prize presentation ceremony for "I Found Fame 2012". 


The backdrop featured all 102 shortlisted candidates. The 12 winners are featured in the middle larger pictures. (Picture taken from the profile of Shop Penang on FB)


Chenelle - giving her signature on her picture.


Mine as well. (Both pictures taken from profile of Shop Penang on FB)

Met with Shereen, one of the candidates tat was in the same photoshooting session slot with us.

Picture with one of the mangement staff of 1st Avenue Mall, Carl Ooi.

All candidates get 20 postcards with their photo on it~ 20 postcard, but the same photos.
Hmm.....Wish to have other shoot on them as well.~

Shereen with her postcard

Although i didn't make it in the end, it is still a good experience for me~Got to back to my final year project then~This end here~ :-P