Saturday, March 3, 2012

My 22nd Birthday in 2012

My coursemates celebrated Huicy's and my birthday on the first day of this semester~
I am REALLy appreciate and wanna thank you for my coursemates' effort.
Thank you sooo much!

So, we went to the newly opened Fullhouse in Wangsa Walk.
i'm so embarrass to admit that>>>This is my FIRST time having meal in fullhouse~

5 girls~
Playing with the glasses...
You know, girls become camwhore when they hang out together..
But , the guys are sniggering at this on the other side when we are doing this~
It's a normal 'PHENOMENA', okay? :)

Special desserts on the day~
I like THEM! 

Before the new semester start, Winnie, Ruo Qi, Chia ling and I going to penang~ 

Buffet steamboat we had that day~
We ate till wanna vomit~ (like usual)

Not even have chance to have dinner in Fullhouse, Times Square Penang.
Cause it's Valentine day! and FullHouse was 'FULL' on that day~

Also, all the ktv in penang are FULL!
So, we ended up in one of the butterworth's ktv.

My friends' were planning to give me a suprise.
But, it wasn't really surprised me, as i saw they leaking out their 'secret' earlier~

However, im so glad for this!
Thank you, friends!
May our friendship does not come to an end~