Saturday, February 4, 2012


As i mentioned in the previous post, i've followed Chenelle to her photoshoot.
However, I didn't manage to get plenty of photos on that day.
Only a few availables. Below are the pictures i've got. 
(Some are taken by my G12, some are taken by Chenelle's Lumix GF3)

These are what i've got.
Im looking forward to get more and nicer photos next time~

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Hidden Hotel at the Side Street

Last week, i followed Chenelle along for her photoshoot held  in a hotel hidden in a side street at Gurney Drive.
When we reached the address told by the photographer, we didn't manage to find a hotel!
What turns out in front of us was the residential area.

Did you see?
 (This picture is taken from the net, cause i didn't capture the building scenery.)
 Actually those buildings are the hotel, namely- Mango Tree Place.
They are the 75-year-old town house restored into a hotel.
Don't be fooled by the buildings' semblance. The interior designs are unique and AMAZING!

The buildings are divided into ground floor garden suite and first floor terrace suite.
And we entered the first floor terrace suite on that day.
Here are some pictures (not much) for you on the ground floor.

Belows are the pictures of the first floor suite.
Very vintage and unique design.

This last photo is taken using Chenelle Panasonic Lumix GF3.
I like it!
Too bad, there is no zoom button on the camera.

Each suite has different, unique interior designs.
Mango Tree Place differ from others suites in a very distinctive way.
For me, its environment is in simple, folk style, somehow, in a luxurious way.

Lastly, if you're interested,
DO visit mangotreeplace to look around for other impressive suites available.
And hope you'll be IMPRESSED by them as i do.