Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Birthday's Dinner

I have been through a tough time~
My brother and I were having dengue fever (during my study weeks).
And you know what? 
It was a very terrible and horrible experience for me.

FIRST- the dengue virus made me suffered so much!

SECOND - i need to be in the government hospital everyday's morning for checking my blood.
(That means, my arms are being 'POKED' everyday. And those needles used in government hospital are SOOooo THICK!)

THIRD - Always bear in mind that government hospital will not save your life, until the moment you're "DYING". (why? because they will give priority to those that are in danger.)
So, if you can't sit and wait there for them to save you, 
( which is also a situation which you put yourself so close enough to the hell's "gate".)
HEAD yourself straight to the private hospital!
Since my mom could not bear with the fact that her children are suffering so much,
she sent us to private hospital, and both of us were admitted to the ward straight away.
So, this is the difference between RM 1 and RM XXXX.

FOURTH - I can't go back to kl on time for my exam. Unluckily, one of my reseat paper was scheduled on the 4th day of cny! So, CNY = Study week for me~ 

There's the bad part of life i've been through recently.
Speaking to its opposite,
 my friend's Chenelle was having her 22th birthday dinner party at Delicious, Strait Quay.
This delighted my hardship mentioned above.

The birthday decorations are so CUTE and SWEET!

We were impressed by the Huge Pink Lady.
She's cute, isn't?

Other decorations along the table.
This is such an great effort from Danson.

The Birthday Queen, Chenelle.

Elin and Zl Ling.


Mikko's ring.
So Elegant and NICE, together with her nail's color.

~Winnie and I~

Chenelle with her macaroon birthday cake.
The candles were blasting.

Chenelle's bf and her.

Finally, here's the group photo~

Yang Chen and His newly met Girlfriend.

My stresses are relieved that night.
Last word, Happy Birthday to Chenelle (i know its sooo LATE adi).
Wish her stay pretty always and have a great dragon year.