Monday, December 12, 2011

Eye Make Up Remover from Beauty Maker

Removing make up is a very important step before all those skin care products. I've tried to remove them with baby oil, and a few make up removal with different brands before. As my skin type is sensitive, i feel the tingling sensation on my face each time when removing the make up together with the removal cream by cotton pad. As for the eyes, i feel uncomfortable when the areas around my eyes become oily when or after applying the eye make up remover. Moreover, sometimes it need to be rubbed harder in order to remove some 'stubborn' residues around the eye area.

Few months ago, my coursemate, Julie has introduced me an eye make up remover from Beauty Maker (Kevin's product). As she was working in the online shop previously, she told me that this product received many good comments from the buyers. I was hesitated at first, but at last, i decided to have a try on this product.

The package of the product.It is simple and nice.

The eye make up removal is in double layer form with crystal-like blue liquid. 

Same as the other make up removal in double layer form, the product is needed to be shaked and mixed well until the whole solution in the bottle become homogenous.

I've drawn the eyeliner on my hand for a test.

The eye make up removal is poured on the cotton pad and is applied on the eyeliner area for about 10 seconds.Then, the part with eyeliner is pressed and swabbed gently. What makes me love this product so much is the fact that the make up residues will be removed easily without rubbing hard on it with cotton pad.  Just a few times of gentle swabbing on it will do. By this way, i do not experience neither eye tingling nor uncomfortable feeling as a result of excessive rubbing .

The make up residues will be thoroughly removed by just a few times of gentle pressing and swabbing.

Unlike the other products, it does not cause any oiliness feeling to me. It's true that i felt a little oily at first (Just a LITTLE), but a few seconds later, the part where I've applied with this product become not oily at all!
With this, i do not need to rush for cleaning up the oily part. Instead, i can still hanging around before heading to the bathroom.

This product is very effective and the most important fact is that, it has an ECONOMIC price. I bought it with only RM38 through my friend, who in turn bought it from her previous working company-shopshop

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Lastly, if you were asking me to rate this product, i would rate it with 4 stars out of five. (4/5)