Thursday, October 27, 2011

It's all about the Nature

I've never been to the National Zoo although i've been stayed at KL for almost 2 years more.
I did visited the zoo with Ceh Yong last month.
and I shall call it- A Date in the Zoo.

Its really been a long time since my last seen about you when i was a child.

Wandering tiger~
Are you annoyed of being watched?

I wish that it can make an EYE CONTACT with my cam...
Just to show how dangerous you are in de pic.

What shall i call them?
Buffalo or? hmm....

The motionless rhinoceros.

and this is??
a kind of bird?
(im so lame~didn't even bother about the animal name written on the board.)

Little cutie
I'm so pity with him.
There are kids who were spitting on its back NON-STOP!!
and their parents, were just standing there WATCHING!

And there are flies over the wounds on its back.
Myiasis, perhaps?


Fighting hippopotamus
It's so interesting to watch them fight,
or they are just having fun with each other?

Pity monkey.
See those eyes?
It was like begging for help~

I do really pity for them.
Loss their freedom.

Meet the penguin,

The black, friendly pony~

The brown and ARROGANT pony.
Don't even want come close to man.
When visitors came near to it, it just walked away.

It was like saying:
"Are you DONE taking photo of me??"

cute, Cute, CUTE little lamb!

Disgusting and evil snake.
Hate the MOST!

 The Ostrich

A pic before we left the zoo.
Some comments about this zoo:
The aquarium really dissapointed me.
I thought i will be able to see fish spesis like sharks, devil rays, whales and so on..
And the result was, the aquarium full of small fishes and the 'seafood' we ate.(those that were less impressed by ppl.)
And the reptile chamber~
Didn't even saw the AWESOME snakes inside. 
(cause they are hiding up between the leaves and rocks.)
only some/a few were seen.
Last but not least, a good comment~
I really like their multianimal show.
especially, the sea lion's performances.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

High Tea at Levain Boulangerie Patisserie

It was the weekend im looking for again!
Still have 2 weeks left for my attachment in hospital.
Cant imagine how happy i am when i've finished this.
Apart from that, i've met with Chenelle.
And she brought me to Levain. Heheh!

Ths cafe was so crowded with people on Sunday.
and the surrounding is a bit hot~

~The second floor~

All the dishes, beverages are listed on the board in front of the counter.
Din have much food pictures to refer.

The desserts' corner.

~Colourful Macaroons with different flavours~

Chose to try the macaroons in lemon, blackcurrant and jasmine flavour.

I think those who like macaroons will like theirs.
There are 'stuffing' or jam inside each macaroon.
I personally not prefer them as they are too sweet. (as usual)

Chenelle's dessert.
Name : Forgotten.
Comment : Just being ordinary.