Saturday, September 24, 2011

Our moment

I've met with hubby for the first time since my new semester start.
This is the very first time for me to make up in a shopping mall's toilet
as i 've only half an hour to prepare when i was in my hostel.
Luckily, Pavilliion's toilet is clean enough.

Hubby and I~

This pic is taken by hubby.
Love this pic so much~


Haveour dinner in Sushi Zanmai. I love this dishes very Much!
Its Unatama Rice.

Ebidon Rice.
Not bad also.
But i prefer the former~

Before I get into The End-of-Holiday-Gloom-Part 2

Honestly, one day is enough for visiting Bukit Tinggi.
Nothing much for us to explore on the second day~
We hanging around th french village looking for lunch before going back kl.
Not much to say, but a few photos available here~

Quite enjoy for those days~
Hope that 5 of us will have chance to go for a more interesting trip~

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Before I get into The End-of-Holiday-Gloom-Part 1

My new semester have started.
There are lots of awaiting loads and some brand new experiences in my third year.
Time flies (very quickly, indeed.)
I CAN'T believe that 4 months holidays had came to the end.
I going to have hectic life as usual in this semester.

Well, 2 days before i went back to my college,
my coursemates and i spend the remaining 
and the very last of our holidays on Bukit Tinggi.

While waiting to be fetched to Colmar Tropicale by Safari.

The front view of Colmar Tropicale,
The French Village.

~The Entrance~

There are white swan and black swan in this lake.
This is the first time i saw a REAL swan.


We were having buffet in the French village for lunch,
which served in the French style.

5 of us in Kimono~
It cost us RM20 for only HALF an hour.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

30 August 2011

I have chance to join a simple photoshooting event.
(which held upon my request. : P)
First, it's quite hard for me to search a model that is willing to and
available for the time we set.
Luckily, Chenelle called me in the very last minute,
bringing a great news for being available for the event.

Yeap. It's me AGAIN.
Im a bit greedy on that day~
wanna be both photographer and model.

My model of the day, Chenelle.
While waiting for Vernon (the Pro photographer) and his gf to fetch us,
we were self-capturing.

Im wearing a hat to bear with the flaring sunlight and hot weather.

Me, Angeline and Chenelle.

Here are some of the photos i've taken (without edit)
Have a look~:)

For more pics, please kindly click the link below:
This is my first time trying this.
Thx to Vernon for guiding me.
Now, Im getting more and MORE in LOVE with my camera.
That's all for today.