Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Unique Creature

This is the first time i wanna use this lyric (originated from a song in Glee) on a unique creature as in homo sapiens form.

Gupper face
Trouty MOUTH
is that how people's lips looked
where you come from in the South
(this creature comes from the EAST)

Froggy legs
I love sucking on those salamander lips.

Want to put a fish hook
In those lips so cherry red
( It's lips are not in RED!)
If you try HARD ENOUGH
You could SUCK a baby's HEAD.
( i think it can be simply done without trying so HARD enough.)

When happened to get into those situations.
My only reaction is to be--Huh?? WHat?!

Well, i didn't get into knowing this creature in all those days.
'It's the matter of ages' >>i was ONCE thought that.
cause i felt the words came out from the creature, most of the time-is childish for me.
(its endocrine system does not function well, maybe~~)
But now, i know it's not the ages matter anymore.
Im so 'ASTONISHED" in fact.
What on EARTH a SPECIAL CREATURE i've found in the world!

Did i mention it is UNIQUE?
It's only live in its own way, it's own style, it's own planet.
That why i said SPECIAL.
There is only this creature left in its very OWN planet.
or maybe it is the one that rule the planet.
That made her way~
always in those BOSSY words!
It thinks that it is now under only one people,
while the rest remain below it.

Im not under your hierachy system.
Stop using that BOSSY words to others!

Indeed, i've made a mistake
(for thinking that those are abandoned slipper)
And start using it after others allow me to do so.
I really sorry ~
for touching your PRECIOUS, 'cinderella's slipper.

And for Today,
i have no offense to do that~
( which you think i do it deliberately)
I just did that while im on the phone~
just for what ppl say>>Nothing
It and it's immature brain
thought that all those that have done things its dislike
are against IT.
and those things are not even a deal for those normal.
that's why i said UNIQUE!

This is it!
The Unique Creature im talking about.
It is NEARLY same to that in this picture.