Monday, June 27, 2011


I am addicted to Korea Drama again!
The City Hunter
It is rewrited from Japan renowned comic.
The action scenes are not as good as those in Hollywood films ,
(we cant aspect this much on a Korea drama, which we called it -偶像剧)
but i like the sentiments developed between the main characters.
This is what i emphasize in a Korea drama.

The City Hunter

The main actor in the drama-
Lee MinHo
He is one of the reason i'm watching this drama.
Those dramas that he joined have a good storyline~
Besides that, he is very HANDSOME!! :D

The main actress -
Park Min Young
First time watching her drama~
She is very Very VERY pretty!!

Like the others,
im looking forward to watch Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2

I only watch harry potter movies without reading the novels.
and there are so many scenes i dont understand in the movies,
so i decided to borrow the novels from my friend.

Harry Potter series novels...

Im starting to read it~
I know im late.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

A very Different Weekend

I have passed through an unusual weekend.
4 jobs in a week are totally making me exhausted.
yet, the fact that hubby is coming to my house made me feel so HAPPY!
We head off to penang the next day he reached my house.
since i haven drive to penang before, so we went there by bus...
(the way which made us felt hot and sweated a lot)

My bangs grow very fast~
I think i need to visit the saloon again~

~Hubby and I~

There is one thing i would like to mention here.
We have our lunch at XianDingWei in Queensbay.
The restaurant's design is very different to that in Sg. Weng.
The menu choices are different with those in Sg. Weng.
I ordered a set meal which i used to have before~
and the dishes are served in a different way.
This restaurant is far more luxurious,
in both aspects of food and restaurant's design.
and the cost is higher too~

He is now back to KL.
Im staring to miss him again~
although we are far apart now,
but, Distances bring us even more closer than before~

Sunday, June 12, 2011

bonne journée

This is probably the most busiest holiday for me.
I got three temporary jobs at the same time.
Three of them are being as teachers.
I have learnt a lesson after working as teacher--
Ppl without patience cant teach actually. (like me)
I teach them till i feel wanna vomit 'Blood'~
But i have to power through it~
(cause i need these --- $$$ and time)
hiak hiak!

My face have been burned by the hair curler a few weeks ago.
i did nothing and ignored my face, thinking that is not a big deal~
How STUPID was i!
And i realise there was a wound on my face two days after.

Im so scare that the wound will turn into a scar and appear on my face permanently.
Im totally freak out at that time.
so,I have called a few ppl for solutions.

This give me the best effect.
~The 42 cream.~
Without the brand name on it.
I heard that this is prepared by the pharmacist.
I apply on the wound even that it haven heal~
Three or four days later, my wound heal,
leaving a very very very small area of scarring.

~The Bio-Oil~
recommend by most of my friends.
The specialist skincare for:
stretch marks
uneven skin tone
aging skin
dehydrated skin

i need to apply on the wound twice per day.
Since im a lazy and forgetful person, i din follow the instruction everyday.
so far, i haven seen its effect.

I have been hesitate for my bangs-
whether to leave it or chop it.
Wanna try some new hair style since im having bangs for few years.

three months~~
for my bangs to grow to this length.

In the end, i decided to cut it as it has been covered up half of my face~
and i looks like a zombie without face~