Sunday, May 29, 2011

Fun in the Past

I have reviewed the photos i were tagged in facebook.
And i found these

They are so memorable to me.
We did this during exam in our first year,
so i shall call it as exam fever~

3 'siao po' (according to what others said) curled their hair~

Study till 'crazy' liao~
So, we played with meitu 'lian pai' program.

Three of us~
with the absence of Rachel and Jane.
There still have some place for them.
too bad...

tak sempat for three of us in the bottom left pic~

Miss those time~
Huicy was still having her long hair that time.
Huicy, Vivian, Jane and Rachel:
Lets have these next sem!

Friday, May 27, 2011

relaxing session, facial session and also body toning session

I saw something that im interested~
miLKADeAL SHOCKs me again!!
>>>RM48 for Dermalogica Facial+Aromatherapy message+Body Toning+Foot Soak+Light Refreshments
Please kindly click the link below for more details and informations!

My mom and i are using Dermalogica products.
And all i can say are>> they really work well on our faces!
my mom have a terrible BIG pimples and acnes all over her face after using a well known skin care products in the market.
She have tried a lots of solutions, and Dermalogica resolves her problems.
For me, i have sensitive skin and my face dry out easily.
these products rehydrate my dry skin and now my face will not dry out easily...
Besides, i have 2 friends with acnes, pimples and red rash on their face. Their faces improve a lots after using Dermalogica products.

They are taken care of my face
Highly recommend this brand for those with problem skins~

Saturday, May 21, 2011

When three girls meet~~

It has been ages for not hanging out with Winnie and Shuying.
Three days ago, winnie brought us to prangin and 1st avenue~
The most favourite thing for me is taking a lots of photos with them.
I would rarely do that, except with a few friends. (esp them)

Me with fake hair extender~
I borrowed from winnie and she helped me to curl my hair~

I enjoy when girls having some girl's 'activities' together.

Not miss a photo even when we are on the escalator~

Scary toilet for me!
We heard someone or someTHING knock the wall behind me in the midnight~
(that is the wall of toilet storeroom)
My friends kept ignored it and i kept asking-
who is knocking the wall?
At last, we ran out the toilet as quickly as we can~

Monday, May 16, 2011

Summary of my 2nd Year life in Uni

Time flies~
I will be a third year student on September, 2011.
Second year was hard for me~
Thank GOD! it's a pass tense now.
I know there are more harder hurdles in front of me in the next semester.
Among those hectic life, my coursemates and i still able to have some fun around~

Enjoying 雪花冰at 鲜定味.
These desserts are FREE!
(one per 2 set meal)

We did have a try at Tenji Japanese Buffet.
But, i still prefer Jogoya's buffet.

汤圆-made by huicy, Vivian, Rachel, Jane and I.
I mistakenly pour too much of artificial pandan flavour to this~
And the green color 'tang yuan' taste a bit disgusting.
I feel weird when there is someone claiming that the green color 'tang yuan' smells like 'Lux' body shampoo~

Huicy- The Known treasurer
See how many banknotes she is holding?
Poor Jane-having only 1 bucks in her hand~

Dinner after having a Free facial treatment at New York Skin Solution.

First time dying hair~
did this together with huicy and vivian.

need this stuff for histopathology report.

I am still not brave enough to hold you!
How am i going to spend time with them in 4th year later?

Ugly fly~
Have seen some ugly and weird insects in 2nd sem~
The knowledges in this field are quite interesting,
(just realise this only when it comes to exam)
Im still thinking to change my elective subject~
WANT or Don't?

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Refresh ur hair at Stage Hair Boutique

Do you want something new to your hair?
The hair salon - Stage in Kota Damansara have offer a MAD Deal.
Well, you can have all this Hair color+Treatment+Cut+Wash+Blow, which will cost you only RM68.
The original price for all this stuffs is RM 341.
So, you save RM 273 ( 80% discount)
It's worth, right?
Too bad, i'm not in KL at this moment...or else i will headed to this hair salon and take this deal for sure~

~Stage Hair Boutique~
Location : 19-1, Jalan PJU 5/11, Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor, Malaysia.
They do offer hair care and treatment with high quality product, such as Kerastase and Schwarzkopf.

By taking this deal, you can try a makeover at low price.
There are still 6 days left for this deal~
you better hurry if you're interested.

If this is same as the makeover result,
i will totally 'insane' for not having chance to try this.
Im so frustrated.
There are a lots of events in kl each time i am having my semester holiday~

Like many other offers, this deal include some conditions as well.
For more informations, you can refer to the link below~

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Something We Did in Windy Summer

The weather few days ago was extremely HOT~
i keep sweating even though a fan is operating above my head.
However, the rain did rejoiced me two days ago.
calming frustrated people, showered us with cool breeze.

I can feel the 'HOT' suffered by the girl in this picture.
And she seems not to afraid of the 'painful' sunlight~
Yea, the sunlight do HURTS me!
Tingling sensation is felt on my skin when i get exposed to the flaring sunlight.

Among those what called 'quite boring day' at my hubby's home,
(because i have nothing to do)
he brought me to the seaside for kite flying~

He bought it from the kite seller at the park.
This is the smallest kite among those available~
and the "CHEAPEST"-20 bucks!
i don't think it is cheap at ALL!
But, i do like the kite's colors~

Hubby was heading to the seaside.
I prefer the word-"LOVE" in front of his shirt
instead of the word-'HATE' at the shirt's back~

A little gadget with string that roll.
It does cause some problems to us when we were playing with the kite.
The seller should make some improvement to this thing.

Did you see the kite in the sky?
Honestly, this is my first time success to make a kite up to the sky~

We were lucky to have strong wind on that day.
Nothing was done by us (eg: running),
Another kite showing up in the sky.
Its cost-50 bucks (if i'm not mistaken).
It's bigger, but still expensive for me.

The sunset view at the seaside.
The weather-Still hot~

The kites in the sky~

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Delivery~

Finally, the shoes i ordered from TopTown shop have arrived by today.
Im gonna blog about this as this is my first time purchasing shoes from the net.
Few days ago, i was hesitate for buying this shoes.
Thanks to someone for making a statement that she will bought this next week.
Im totally freak out after seeing that on the net.
Well, the shoes won't wait for me to consider so much.
and so, i decided!

~The shoes' box~

The red shoes
LOVE it so much!

I don't regret for buying this.
I saw one similar to this in Sg. Wang's shoes outlet,
called 'MoMo' or 'MaoMao' (dunno which one is the correct name)
Quite similar to this, with a bit modifications.
But, the one in 'MoMo' is made from leather and more expensive.

The shoe im wearing is cheaper.
The MOST important-
I feel comfortable when wearing this,
when wearing that in 'MoMo'-
my feets hurt!!

It is taller than what I've expected.
feel a bit too bad for this~
I guess i have to wear it more frequent.
Or else, i will be scolded by mom again...

Look! mine is quite similar to hers.
What Nicole is wearing on her feets make me want it so BADLY!
Of course, hers is more prettier and elegant~
Too bad, im not the one that live in US.