Wednesday, April 27, 2011

It's over!

Yeah! my exam is over at this moment~
but, im still feeling exhausted~
Have an enjoyable, and relaxing hang out with coursemates yesterday~
im like the' bird' being locked in the cage long time ago,
who just redeem my freedom yesterday~

Was thinking about my room
Haix!! i need to move all my things out from my room AGAIN!
The truth is, everyone staying in this hostel have to do the same thing every year.
We kept our things in the store room with no promise of security AT ALL.
That's the part i dun like about my uni hostel (and the FOOD).

Lastly, im ready to enjoy my four months holidays now~
I have a target to achieve in that!
Hope i can earn some money in this holiday
Coz i wanna buy some new clothes,
with an effort to breakthrough my veryVEry ordinary wearing style.
Each time,
when i have the wish to do this, i always cant find the clothes i wan in the malls~
I dun trust the clothes' quality promoted online.
yet, i found one that can be trusted after my buddy reassured me~

Im waiting...
for my WISHES to come TRUE
Bless me plsssss....

feel so bored to study and being ss again~

I cant study without HIGHLIGHTERSSS...

My lappie!
Thx for being the only entertainment for me during exam~

Nadeje's Mille crepe!!
Im very suprise when my buddy take this to me!
I dun have much chances to enjoy this as
We actually need a car to reach this outlet which i din own one~
Thank you so much for these!!

This is chocolate flavor layer cake~
I prefer the one in previous pic, which is in mango flavor.

We ate this at the new branch in Sg. weng!
The one at the toppest, right-hand sided is the most delicious among these five (for me la)

Seafood set meal in Manhattan Fish market with coke.
This set only cost us RM 10!
Another benefit of still being a student.

Manhattan fish market dessert~
A student will get 50% discount for this!
So the original ten bucks dessert (approximately)
went down to 5 bucks like that.
Be bless~
if you are still a student...

Monday, April 18, 2011



Im so mad at myself today~
for not doing my best during exam!!
Really hate for my careless, mistakes andd everything that affect my result!
Why am i keep repeat for these Faults?!

For now on, i will fully concentrate on my upcoming papers!
I have to believe in myself!

Belief is an beautiful armor

Sunday, April 10, 2011


The little things in life are beautiful~
do Dream big-ly
DO realize them
Do LOVE ppl in your life
Get a TRUE luv KISS

Saturday, April 9, 2011



Friday, April 8, 2011

A gift to my friend~

I have tried to make a hair clip with a ribbon on it during study week.


not very attractive and not perfect~
but i still like it as it is simple, and a bit retro.
I made it as winnie birthday's gift~

hope you will like it
(instead of feeling disappointed with it)
Last but not least,
happy birthday to you!