Sunday, March 27, 2011


Three boring days as my weekend~
My head is 'overcrowded' with words.
The weather in KL is turning hotter and hotter;
and it totally destroys my LOVELY mood to study;
So, I decided to edit my photos during my rest time~
I admit that im being 'narcissistic',BLEK!
i Hope my exam weeks will pass QUICKLY!!
Im gonna plan a to-do-list during my 4 MONTHS holidays
The most important thing i wish to get during that ~ $$$$$
and second thing : buy Buy BUY!
Also wish to have a make over after that~
Sigh for my 'stress' study and exam weeks.
Hope i can pass through it CONFIDENTLY!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Gros appetit

Im having big appetite this few days~
I keep craving for food outside ktsn...
I so desperate for this.
So, last Saturday, i've gone through thing i never do in my life (until now yet)
I have
~Regular Domino Chicken Pepperoni~
as my OWN dinner. ( i finished it ALL ALONE successfully)

Then , yesterday was a boring study day for me.
Thanks to my buddies who visited Beryl's chocolate factory in the morning...
Thanks you for enlighten my day with
Beryl's Tiramisu Almond White Chocolate
IT tastes so good...
i couldn't stop myself from eating this (even though i have ulcer in my 'oral cavity')

Friday, March 18, 2011

~This is an article from 潘友來~















Sunday, March 13, 2011


I noticed that my mood is very unstable recently~
I tend to get angry and 'pek chek' easily~
What is wrong with me?
I am not used to that serious in the past~
hmm...from now on, i need to control and cool myself~
It's for my and YOUR perhaps, OWN good~
I dun wan to have my health affected by my emotion in the future~
That's all!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Anti-Assignments and Reports!

There are a lots of reports for me last semester~
And this semester, there are a lots of assignments~
I really hate homework since secondary school, and i never treat them seriously...
I still remember the time when i reached secondary school in the morning...
The first thing i'll gonna do : Borrow homework from classmate
Second thing : copy as fast as possible!
I almost did the same things everyday...

In matrix, i was 'forced' to do lecture will check our work one by one in tutorial~
In university, i keep copy buddy's report ( with a little bit modification)

I REALLY dun like them!
It is a waste of time for me.
It's better if i use those time to study and make my own notes!
In conclusion, i am ANTI-ASSIGNMENTS and ANTI-REPORTS!!!!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Cross Stitch-Belated Valentine gift

This is the first time i did cross stitch~
I decided to do this as the previous handmade photo album is too ugly~
I tot i will finish it on four days like that, and turns out, i spend three weeks to finish it...(how NAIVE i am)
Im very satisfied when my art work was done...
Hope he will like it~

The design on the graph paper.

The cross stitch. ( i decide to make it into a pillow)

im OFFICIALLY 21st girl~

Im officially 21st!
Finally, i can walk into the casino, i can~ interested about this)

Thank you to all my coursemates for helping huicy, lee chieng and i to celebrate our birthday!

Special thanks to Huicy, Vivian, Rachel and SockJin for giving me suprise in the midnight~
(i really din expect that you all will come as we adi celebrate it on coursenight...It really suprised me! thx!) Thank you so much! the cupcakes are so CUTE!

The cupcakes

My hubby plan to celebrate with me, yet, unfortunately he turns out to have fever~

But, still wanna say thank you for buying me a necklace , and i LOVE you!

Not to forget to say thank you for Pei Shan who have made a very pretty and cute hair ribbon for me~