Friday, October 1, 2010

Khidmat Masyarakat, HM trip to Ledang, Muar

Last week, the second batch HM students departed to Ledang, Muar as this is a compulsory program, including me.
This trip(for Chinese students) is an unexpected trip.
even i get shocked but, later happy...haha!
Thanks to Jia hui and so on, their Kai Pa- The YB's 'right hand'
At first, almost all chinese students were taken by chinese foster family.
except those unlucky 'three'- including me, were distributed to malay family.
I was very upset of this. I also wanted to be with my friends in chinese family...
since all of them were there...
Luckily, we have the YB's 'right hand'.
Thanks to him a lot...cause he helped three of us to change to chinese family...
Here, we were not only taken by chinese foster family,
yet, also RICH family...
I mean for all the foster family.
For my foster family, there is a Superwomen- my Kai Ma.
Well, she is a doctor-for TCM internal medicine.
and she is a divorced mother with 2 grown-up sons.WOW!!
and the house i stay, i can call it as 4 to 5 stars resort...
There, we have our first dinner with Muar famous OTAK-OTAK--it really taste good.
Unfortunately, i only ate one as im having sore throat. Haix!
At the last night, my Kai Ma house was having a BBQ party.
Again, for very unfortunately -I, can't ate the end, i cant resist the eager for the food,
so i have 2 cheese hotdogs( Yummy)
and lastly, i ended up with even worse sore throat.

The next morning, before we go bac to kl, all chinese students and their respective foster families were gathered in a restaurant for lunch....It was an unforgettable lunch.
It is really very enjoying , and i shall not call it as hm program, yet, it is a relaxing holidays for me..
as there is no worry for my assignment, studies, reports and tasks....

Having SUPER DUPER TerriBLEEE mood now....
Have no idea what will i do if i get irritated again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!