Friday, November 20, 2009

Exam relieve+Jogoya Breakout

Back to my blog again...haha!
Im aware of my '3-minutes heat' attitude..and actually, there is no way to 'fix' it (i think!haha!)
Im now enjoying my holiday( i dunno whether if i should call it 'enjoy',bcoz i have been repeated the same activity everyday in a same location..)

Before this, i have sat for my 1st sem final exam.
The only word i could use to describe it---SHIT!!(im sorry!!For me, this word is the 'least' rude among the others..haha!)
anatomy paper- i couldn't finish it in time+left blank for 2 essay questions.
Physiology paper- having headache when doing this paper, cant think well.
Biochemistry -erm..what should i say about this paper?many past year questions, a few new questions. lol!
Instrumentation-my mentor is soooooo ......!Yet, need to thank him at the same time.Because of him, i only memorized past year questions without understand the topic and refering to books/notes...if im going to interview for job and the interviewer ask me about instrument knowledge, all i can say is--oh my god...
Hubungan Etnik-we are so 'malang'.The lecturer changed all the questions. Only a few are past year questions.I simply guess the answer....after this exam, outside the exam hall, i heard one senior, talking to her friends- 'i thought i get the wrong subject paper when opening the question paper'...Looks like im not the only one depends on the past year question...
Pengurusan masa-erm....speechless..
Then, i sat for my anatomy lab exam...
It was so challenging.25 stations, each station one minute...i never thought that one minute could past by so fast before this...

after this, my friends and i having our lunch in jogoya (buffet restaurant)
There are so many food to eat...unfortunately, i can't eat so much on that day..feel so regret now..